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From the Bibliomaniac as omnivore:To Be Read Stack

In my “to read” pile:
Miss Peregrine’s School for Peculiar Children
Jack Absolute
The Highland Scots of North Carolina (Research for the sequel to MacGregor’s Bargain)
Down the Nile (For Book Club)
Winter’s Bone
Death by Leisure
etc. etc.
I have the book a day calendar, which encourages omnivorous reading. Today’s offering is Songlines by Bruce Chatwin.Yesterday’s was Duplicate Death by the late Georgette Heyer, published in 1951.
Recently I reread for about the fourth time, Dorothy Dunnett’s wonderful Lymond Chronicles. It took several days for my head to clear.
I’ve vowed I won’t start the Niccolo books till I have finished the first draft of the sequel to MacGregor’s Bargain. Which, by the way, will be on Kindle soon. I met Nancy Pearl at one of the Seattle Book Fests a number of years ago, and mentioned Dorothy Dunnett’s books, which she hadn’t read. But in her next book Nancy recommended the Lymond Chronicles.

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