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MacGregor’s Odyssey

In the sequel to MacGregor’s Bargain, Anne and Niall must deal with the aftermath of Culloden Battle. A terrifying flight from Coarann Castle takes them across the Scottish countryside, to the Continent, and even across the Atlantic Ocean to the New World. Separated from her husband, can Anne find the strength to keep her subjects and herself safe from the occupying British Army, or will she succumb to her desire for the charming Francis Hepburn? And while her visions occassionaly give her glimpses of her husband across the ocean, can she ever really trust that he is safe or even thinking of her.

Rowena Williamson returns in true form to deliver another thrilling, heart-wrenching, epic historical novel.

Available soon in paperback and ebook.

Escape to the Highlands

On April 16, 1746, Ailis (15) and Liam (16) are caught in the devastating Battle of Culloden and meet in the aftermath as British soldiers scour the moor, killing survivors. Together with Liam’s Scottish Deerhound, Duncan, they hide until they can escape.The British are sparing no one–young or old, male of female–to make sure the Scots do not rebel again. This begins their terrifying journey into Scotland’s Highlands in search of safety.

Pursued by the English officer, Carstairs, whose cold voice they first heard as they hid near the battlefield, they are helped and betrayed by other Scots. They find safety for a while with men protecting Prince Charles Stuart, heir to the Scottish throne. But are they really being protected, or are they going to be used to lure the English away from Bonnie Prince Charlie?

Ailis and Liam take shelter in ancient stone circles, where Duncan sees things they can’t, and where Ailis has dreams that guide her. Liam, from a family of bagpipers, who had gone to Culloden with his father, to pipe the men into battle, sees that war is not the exciting thing he thought it was, and retribution after the war is destroying Scotland.

Always, as they travel, Carstairs seems to find them, and as the mountains grow steeper, the enemy always after them, they grow closer to each other as they endure hunger and fear, and hope begins to fade. And Ailis’s dreams grow more frightening.

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MacGregor’s Bargain

For half a century, the Jacobites have rebelled against Britain in an attempt to reclaim Scotland’s throne  for the exiled House of Stuart. Now, tensions are building and the Battle of Culloden looms in the future, with the fate of Great Britain at stake.

 It is the summer of 1744 and Scotland is about to change forever.

Set amidst the mysterious, sweeping mountainsides of the Scottish Highlands and in the seductive city of Paris, MacGregor’s Bargain is a gripping story of love, loyalty and betrayal, hope and devastation, and accounts of human strength  and vulnerability buried between the pages of history.

In light of the ongoing Jacobite rebellion, Niall MacGregor, a wealthy soldier of fortune, member of an outlawed clan, sees hope for a free Scotland, and a chance, by marrying Anne Drummond, disgraced heiress to a castle on Loch Laggan, to own land and start a dynasty. Anne, whose behavior has made her an unsuitable bride for any man in her own class, accepts  the marriage as a way to protect her people. But she sees horrifying visions of bloodshed and destruction. Niall is determined to fight for Scottish independence, and Anne is cursed with the power to know the outcome.

Torn between her loyalty  to her husband and her loyalty to the clan she is destined to protect, Anne must make a choice, harder after the birth of a daughter. A close friend is thought to be an English spy, causing a rift between Anne and Niall. Anne grows to know her husband, and develop love for him. He still seems to see their marriage as a mere bargain, making their destinies unclear as ominous signs of Scotland’s fate develop.

Written by Rowena Williamson, an exciting new award winning author, MacGregor’s Bargain is based on years of extensive research. The story is one steeped in romance and rebellion, and the characters of Niall and Anne will not be soon forgotten. But what does destiny have in store for them? Can the Jacobites disprove Anne’s visions and finally defeat the British? And can Anne and Niall find love before it’s too late?


“Well plotted, richly imagined, and evocative. I am a champion of Rowena’s writing.”

Bharti Kirchner, whose soon-to-released fifth novel is Tulip Season: A Mitra Basu Mystery. 


Available on Amazon in ebook and paperback format.


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